Florence has been my hair stylist for the past EIGHTEEN years!!! I have lived in different parts of the country in those eighteen years and have only let Flo take care of my hair. She has a true passion that MOST DEFINITELY reflects in her craft. She is amazingly talented and can give you the total makeover you're looking for. She does everything from hair (all types and styles), makeup, lashes etc. and she is always current on the latest trends. I always always always feel renewed and fresh after a visit with Flo. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Yelp.
Nicole M. (Bronx, NY)
Florence is an artist!
Thank you so much Florence for always being so welcoming, professional, a skilled stylist whose primary concern Is healthy hair! I enjoy my bi weekly visits and I always am so unique when you create my hairstyle at such an affordable rate for my treatment, semi permanent color and style. You truly live up to your shops name`` Empress`` is how you feel upon entry and exit. Your newly acquired and loyal client! You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Yelp.
Kimberly H.
Florence created a beautiful U part wig for me. She did an exquisite job with blending the wig with a sew in weave on the top. She is very efficient, professional and talented and easy to talk with. I will definitely be going back! You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Yelp.
Jaclyn T.
I have been going to Flo since 2012 and she is now like family. When I first started going to her I wore a relaxer. After going for relaxer touch ups I started to experiment with wearing extensions and went form having a few tracks added to a half weave to a full head weave with a closure. I've also had Florence put braids in at times. In 2015 I decided to stop getting relaxers and started to transition to natural by continuing to wear weaves and then a custom wig that Flo made for me. The transition process was so smooth and easy, I didn't even really notice it. I maintained my hair at home by washing and conditioning it with the weave in and continued to go to Flo every 10-12 weeks for a new weave. In December 2017 Flo made me a custom wig and I wore that until May 2018 when I started to wear my natural hair out. Now that I am natural, I still go to Flo for trims and to make sure my hair continues to grow healthy and strong. If anyone is contemplating going natural, but doesn't want to do a big chop, I would definitely recommend transitioning while wearing protective styles and slowing cutting off the relaxed hair and hot new growth comes in. In addition to being a well rounded hair stylist, Florence is also an amazing wig maker. She made a wig for me that I love. My custom made wig does not even begin to compare to the wigs sold in the beauty supply stores, I highly recommend Florence. She is warm and loving and her shop is nice and clean and everyone that works there is very nice and friendly. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Yelp.
Ashley L.
Flo has been my go to for my natural hair care and natural hair styling for over 6 years now. I always leave her salon looking and feeling cute. We've done sew-in weaves, box braids, cornrows, cuts, colors and more throughout the years. I've personally witnessed her style all different types of textures and lengths of hair. My natural hair is healthy and thriving in her hands. I definitely recommend. Also a good salon during pandemic because Flo is cautious and has protocols in place to make the salon a safer environment for clients. Book your own appointment with Flo ASAP. Enjoy! You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Yelp.
Jade Allwaze
I'm sooooo happy that Florence is back after this pandemic!!!!! Welcome back, baby! I only trust her with my hair. Because of this, I let my hair form a dread lock underneath my wig. Ugh! Everyone told me to just take the wig off, shave my hair and start over. But not Florence. She not only salvaged my hair yesterday, but was able to start a treatment for it. My real hair was passed my shoulders. Yay!!!! She was able to reinstall my new wig beautifully! She took her time and was very patient with me and my mess(hair). LOL! She is the best and I just love her. Can't wait to go back soon for my upkeep. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Yelp.
Lynette R
Great staff and very high quality. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Google.
Jay Sosa
I must say that the professional service as well as the ambiance at Empress is of top quality for children and adults!! Ms. Tye Tye as my daughter affectionately calls her has been style her hair since she was a toddler. The ease with which Ms. Tye Styles each child's hair fits their unique personalities, I am always taken a back when young adults whom she styled from when they were children themselves stop by and wave and say hello. There has not been a style my daughter has not worn that has not gone unnoticed by young and old! The hair salon's atmosphere makes me feel welcomed and relaxed, both by Ms. Tye and Ms.Flo they are hairdressers who put love and care into styling everyone that walks through Empress's doors, and I must say that I always leave there feeling like the Empress that I am with my hair styled like one! Thanks Tye for taking the time to advice me on the best products to maintain and care for my hair as wells as my daughters! Much love and blessings to the best hair shop in Harlem! You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Goolge.
Cali Rose
I was a walk in at Empress yesterday and though I did not have an appointment Florence was able to accommodate me. I am embarrassed to say that I am a 'YouTube tutorial' girl and I have fried, dyed, and bleached my hair to no end. Florence was able to bring my hair back to life and she gave me tips for maintaining my hair to avoid damage. Thanks Florence! Highly recommended, and the salon is beautiful! You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Goolge.
Ashley Whitaker
Very professional and caring. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Goolge.
Tamara Woodson
Wonderful experience every time I go there to have my hair done. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Goolge.
Patricia Horsford
Please pardon my delayed response, but this is way overdue. First, I must applaud you Florence how you welcomed me that late winter evening almost a year ago, with your beautiful smile and kind words on how we will bring my bleached/damaged hair back to its grandeur!Well, I can truly say that your warm spirit, professionalism and knowledge of hair is the main reason why I must extend my sincere thanks and respect to you and your expertise.Florence had to cut my hair down to a very low pixie from my dye damage that incurred by the hands of my Florida stylist, unfortunately.My bi-weekly visit to Florence was a delight from our greeting , my treatments, Florence's growing hands her impeccable styling capabilities are phenomenal!What I do admire is that for every visit, she always ask, what's your preference for this beauty upkeep!Lastly, her shops decor and cleanliness are a plus that encapsulate what it means to have 5 star service. Bravo and keep up the fantastic work Florence. You newly acquired and loyal client. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Goolge.
Kimberly Hopkins Lopez
I had the most wonderful experience for the first time at Empress of Hair and Beauty. I called the owner, Florence, the night before to tell her exactly what I wanted. Sent her some pics of my new wig. She promptly got back to me, quoted a price and set up a time the next morning for my appointment. She explained in detail exactly what the process would be for a wig installation. She did just that when I came. She was very professional, knowledgeable, nice and caring. She greeted me warmly as if I knew her for years. My new wig and hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone loves it. I'm choosing Florence to be my new hair stylist!!! I love her. Florence, thanks so much for the whole experience. You even helped me with how to maintain my new look. 'Super' (inside joke) LOL! I'll be recommending everybody I know to your shop. All the staff got skills! Love ya, girl. Thanks again Flo! Your new faithful client, Lynette. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Google.
Lynette Riddick
We love our barber Lee n he knows how to work with kids with disabilities n his prices is wow we have made this place n our barbers cause the others there are funny n caring n loving there personality make u want to come back continuously. Florence has a great salon and the staff are all professionals. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Google.
Cristina Gonzalez
First time coming very nice calm salon I love my hair. You can verify my review with photos I've posted on Google.
Brian T
My stylist at Empress Of Hair is gifted! Her name is Tye. She has growing hands, with growing hair oil to match! Any shop she works at is lucky to have her.
Montiya Jenkins